Monthly Rent Supplement Assistance

What is the Housing Choice Rent Supplement?
The Housing Choice program is new and it will make more rent supplements available to local tenants. Funding is provided by the City and County of Peterborough and offered for the first time in 2014   The Housing Resource Centre (HRC) administers this new program as well as a similar program known as the IAH Rent Supplement Program.

What is a Rent Supplement?
A rent supplement is a monthly payment that helps bridge the gap between a tenant’s actual rent and what the tenant can afford.   A rent supplement through this program may be about $250.00 per month if the tenant’s income falls below established amounts. The supplement is paid on a monthly basis to the tenant’s Landlord, who must agree in writing to participate in the program.   People receiving a supplement can move to a new unit and transfer the subsidy with the new landlord’s agreement.

Inquiries about a supplement for tenants living in Peterborough City and County are very welcome. Please call us at (705) 743-2272. 

There is a waiting list for the program however new supplements are approved regularly when a recipient leaves the program.   When a new space becomes available, a supplement is approved for an applicant from the waiting list.