Utilities Security Deposit

Before you rent a new place, call Peterborough Utilities Services, Hydro One or Enbridge to find out the average monthly cost of hydro, gas or water. We see many people who can afford their rent but can't afford their utilities. Call before you rent: make sure you don't get a shock when you open your first bill.

Changes within the City of Peterborough for water usage by Peterborough Utilities Services have occurred in Fall of 2014.  Consumers are now being charged for water usage and meters have been installed in all city homes.  For more information and support regarding this transition visit the  water meters page on the Peterborough Utilities Services website.

Under Ontario Energy Board (OEB) regulations, hydro companies are allowed to charge consumers a security deposit equal to 2.5 times the average monthly consumption over the past year. If the average monthly hydro bill for your home was $150, the hydro company can charge you a deposit of $375.

Natural gas companies may charge security deposits as well.

(no hand-delivered notices, NSF payments or house visits). Natural gas companies may charge security deposits as well. The Ontario Energy Board does not regulate these deposits.

Peterborough Community Legal Centre, or go to CLEO or ACTO for more information on tenants’ rights and responsibilities.



Note: If you do not pay your bill or make payment arrangements 7 days after the due date on your bill you will receive a hand delivered notice. Service will be cut 8 days later if you have not paid or made arrangements with the utility. Note that other utility companies may handle the collections and disconnection process differently.

If you run into trouble with your utility bills, there may be emergency financial assistance available to you through the Housing Resource Centre or other local sources.  *Please note that The Housing Resource Centre is unable to provide financial assistance toward utility deposits.*