Vacancy Listings

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The HRC compiles a list of  recently advertised vacancy listings every Friday.

Download the May 24, 2019 Advertised Vacancy Listings.

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Housing Resource Centre

We hope the attached Vacancy Listings are helpful in your housing search. Compiled weekly from publicly available websites, they are available to assist people seeking rental housing in Peterborough City and County.   

 The Housing Resource Centre has not seen the advertised units; makes no representation to their condition or suitability; and has no affiliation with the property owners.

These listings are also available at

New clients of the Housing Resource Centre will be asked to register with our Intake Worker before receiving services, including vacancy listings.

After this initial Intake interview, you can obtain vacancy listings or use the Resource Room as needed.

If you have a problem or crisis affecting your housing stability, please feel free to speak with a staff person … especially if:

  • You are homeless, with or without shelter
  • You are in rent arrears or at risk of eviction for any reason
  • You are at risk of disconnection of utilities or unable to purchase heating fuel
  • You are living in an unsafe or abusive situation
  • You have questions on your rights as a tenant
  • You need emergency financial assistance for last month’s rent or other needs related to your housing

In addition to the HRC vacancy listings and the list of Property Management companies, other helpful resources include:

May 24 2019