Energy Retailers

In Peterborough, you have options. Your energy can be supplied by:

  • Your utility, Peterborough Utilities, Enbridge, or Hydro One (prices set by the Ontario Energy Board), OR
  • An electricity retailer / gas marketer, if you sign a contract. These are private companies.  They are not your utility and are not associated with the Ontario Energy Board, the government or any government program.

It’s a competitive marketplace so take time to understand your options, rights and responsibilities.  Know who supplies your electricity or natural gas as well as how much you consume every month.

You do not have to sign a contract – your energy service will continue without interruption.

If you are approached to sign or renew a gas or electricity contract for your home or small business, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with. Energy company salespeople must wear an ID badge and give you a business card.

Please be cautious as the Housing Resource Centre is seeing an increasing number of clients who can’t afford their hydro bill after signing on with an electricity retailer. *


Things to remember if you are approached to sign an energy contract:

  • Always make sure you get a business card and look at the salesperson’s ID badge first.
  • Do not share personal information (i.e. your gas or electricity bill) unless you are sure you want to sign a contract.
  • Carefully read the contract, disclosure statement and price comparison provided by the salesperson.
  • The Ontario Energy Board and your local utility provider do not go door to door.
  • Give yourself time to make your choice – a quick decision could result in years of over payment. If you believe an energy retailer has violated the Code, you can make a complaint to the Ontario Energy Board at 1-877-632-2727 or click here.
  • Within 10 business days, you can call the Energy Marketer contract company to cancel your contract without penalty or reason

You may come to HRC and specifically request assistance with being released from a marketer contract. For more information or help with your contract contact the Housing Resource Centre at 705-743-2272.


  1. Clients may be released from their Energy Marketer contracts if they:
    • are older than 60
    • live in social housing
    • receive social assistance (OW, ODSP)
  2. Clients may also be released from their contracts if they do not fit any of the above categories, and:
    • believe there was misrepresentation by the company
    • do not believe they ever signed a contract