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Warming Room documentary Pushback premieres May 23 at Market Hall Performance Centre in Peterborough

May 5th, 2017

A new documentary film about the Warming Room, a winter-only homeless shelter, is being premiered May 23 at Market Hall.

The 90-minute film, titled Pushback, tells the story of four homeless people and one person who works at the Warming Room.

Matthew Hayes is the cinematographer while Jon Hedderwick is the producer.

Ben vanVeen, a local real estate agent for Century 21, is executive producer.

The premiere is on Tuesday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Market Hall. Tickets are $10.

"Tickets are going like crazy - we're expecting it to sell out," said Hayes.

The Warming Room is a shelter meant to run for the winter only as a place for people to stay overnight when the other shelters in the city are full.

Although it's typically open from Nov. 1 until the end of April, this year it is staying open until the end of June (due to a severe shortage of rental accommodations in the city).

Last summer, Hayes and his collaborators crowdfunded $10,000 to make the film; they needed money to pay the homeless people featured in the film.

The money was also needed for other filmmaking expenses, such as paying an editor.

Christian Harvey, the director of the Warming Room, will be master of ceremonies at the premiere.

Hayes said the film took more than two years to create. He said the final product is an emotional documentary.

"It's a pretty heavy film," he says. "It was a very emotional experience, filming it."

Hayes said he'd be happy to work with anyone who'd like to arrange a special screening of the film sometime - perhaps church groups would like to see it, for instance, or labour unions.