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Peterborough's New Canadians Centre celebrates community support with a meal

May 14th, 2017

The New Canadians Centre served lunch on Saturday to thank members of the community who stepped up and pitched in to help bring Syrian refugees to Peterborough to start new, safe lives.
About 180 people were at the meal, held at St. John's Anglican Church and the One Roof Community Centre.
“We usually have a party following our annual general meeting,' states Yvone Lai, interim director of community development at the New Canadians Centre. "This year we decided we wanted to say thank you to our community partners for all of the hard work and dedication they’ve demonstrated in helping us to resettle our newcomer friends from Syria. We’ve taken the money we normally would have spent on a celebration and instead are buying the food, preparing and serving it to the community at One Roof.

The NCC has helped resettle close to 300 newcomers from Syria since November 2015. “This number represents both privately and government-sponsored refugees,” stated Lai.