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128-bed retirement home coming to Havelock

February 12th, 2018

While the expansive patch of snowy land in Havelock is empty now, in the future it will host 128 beds for seniors.

This news comes after an announcement by Eric Hoskins, minister of health and longterm care, in Havelock on Monday (Feb. 12).

He says the retirement home, which will be located on Old Norwood Road, has been years in the making, and will go to service Canada’s aging population.

Hoskins says he can’t describe “how vitally important this development and this investment is” and how it will be “providing jobs to the local community and attracting people to the community as well.”

While no timeline or budget has been announced, he adds the provincial government will provide funding on a per-bed basis.

The residence is part of the provincial government’s push to create more beds for seniors, with the hope of creating 5,000 new beds over four years.

But the goal isn’t just to create more beds, but improve service along with it.

“It will fairly substantially increase the amount of care per resident,” he says.

He also says the project couldn’t have happened without strong support from the community.

“You’ve put together a very powerful and very sound proposal,” he adds. 

Peterborough MPP and Minister of Agriculture and Small Business Jeff Leal says the facility plays a part in not only delivering better healthcare, but making sure rural communities have the same amenities for seniors as urban ones.

Havelock Mayor Ron Gerow says the announcement is welcome not only for the community but for those who will come to the community for the new facility.

He says the home will be “for those who need and will need longterm care who live in our area.”

Gerow also says the project is largely thanks to local advocates who went to Queen’s Park and talked with the province.

Conservative Party candidate David Smith expressed cynicism about the timing of the announcement.

“For 15 long years, the Liberals have sat on their hands as long-term care in Ontario and the Peterborough-Kawartha area descended into a crisis," he says.

"Havelock has been fighting for improved access to long-term care for more than a decade, but it’s only now, less than four months before an election where they need votes that the Wynne Liberals decided to show up. Our seniors deserve better.

"Today more than 32,000 people are on a long-term care waiting list. Not a single new long-term care bed has been approved in the last 15 years by the current Liberal government, until today. The long-term care crisis we are currently in was caused by this government."