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Community Care Peterborough and Kawartha Participation Projects looking at possible merger

March 21st, 2018

One outcome of current discussions between Kawartha Participation Projects and Community Care Peterborough is a possible merger between the two organizations.

Kawartha Participation Projects (KPP) maintains supportive housing projects for people with physical disabilities and Community Care aims to keep seniors and those with disabilities living independently.

The two organizations announced on Tuesday, March 20, they were seeking ways to co-ordinate services together to better serve their clients.

Joanne Watson, chair of Community Care, says discussions are early on and the two organizations are figuring out if they work together well enough for a total merger.

“We’re looking to see if there’s a fit for our clients and if there is we would proceed from there,” she says.

Community Care serves 6,500 annually in Peterborough which includes services like Meals on Wheels, transportation and supporting clients at home.

Watson says those services could combine with KPP’s if the two organizations see the need.

She adds those who live in KPP homes could benefit from the services offered by her organization but that will be discovered as discussions continue.

Watson also says finances aren’t one of the reasons why the two organizations could fuse but notes reduced costs could help clients.

“Any cost savings would enhance client services,” she says, noting that's dependent on whether the merger succeeds in reducing costs.

A timeline for what options the two organizations choose hasn’t been established as Watson says discussions are just starting.

But she emphasizes that any partnership or merging between the two organizations will focus on how to improve services for clients first.