Utility Security Deposit and Disconnection

If the unit you are considering requires you to pay utilities/hydro or heat in addition to your rent, you can contact the utility company to try to obtain an estimate of usage. You will need the apartment address and/or unit number to obtain this information.

What is a Security Deposit?

Many utility/hydro and gas companies require a security deposit from their customers to guarantee payment of future charges. These deposits are regulated by the government of Ontario.

If you are a low income household, you may be able to waive your security deposit from Peterborough Utilities and Hydro One. Please see our Emergency Funding and Assistance page for more information on what you might be eligible for. The Housing Resource Centre is unable to provide financial assistance toward utility deposits.

Disconnection of Services

If you do not pay your utility/hydro or gas bill and you are unable to make a payment arrangement, you can be disconnected. Each utility company handles the collection and disconnection process differently.

If you run into trouble with your utility bill(s), there may be emergency financial assistance available to you. Visit our Emergency Funding and Assistance page for more information.